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Conservation Clips is a weekly collection of articles distributed by NACD that provides our members and partners with the latest news in what's driving conservation. These articles are not indicative of NACD policy and are the opinions of their authors, unless otherwise noted. If you have a relevant submission or need assistance with accessing articles, please contact the NACD Communications Team.

NACD Blog: National Conservation Foundation: Investing in Tomorrow
By Steve Robinson

The future of conservation requires skilled leaders who can understand and manage the complex challenges we face as land stewards and conservationists. We have both an obligation and opportunity to enable the next generation to be informed leaders, people who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage our natural resources with the future in mind.

Star Tribune: Nowhere for all the water to go
By Jennifer Bjorhus

Minnesota's aging stormwater systems weren't built for this volume of rain, and cities can't keep up.

Bloomberg: A Foot of Snow Is Forecast to Bury Crops in Great Plains, Canada
By Brian K. Sullivan and Ashley Robinson

A large snowfall is set to sweep out of the Rocky Mountains later this week, bringing snow by the foot across the Dakotas, slowing wheat harvests and ending any chance for still-maturing corn crops to flourish.

Iowa Farmer Today: Iowa scientists study how prairie strips affect soil health

Researchers at Iowa State University will test how the environmental benefits of planting strips of prairie among row crops change over time, filling in an unexplored gap in prairie strip research that stretches back over a decade.

Associated Press: Once nearly extinct, songbird coming off endangered list
By John Flesher

The federal government said it will remove the Kirtland’s warbler from its list of protected species, finding the small, yellow-bellied songbird had recovered more than half a century after being designated as endangered.

The New York Times: Flash Drought in the South Brings Record Heat Without Rain
By Jacey Fortin

It was a hot summer in the American South, and droughts have affected tens of millions of people there after one of the driest and hottest Septembers on record.

E&E News: BLM chief offers 'next steps' for the move West
By Scott Streater

The deadline is coming for dozens of employees in the Bureau of Land Management's Washington, D.C.-based headquarters to decide whether they will leave the bureau or move out West as part of a reorganization plan.

Phys.org: Analysis IDs ag practices to fight flood, drought
By Scott Schrage

A synthesis of 89 studies across six continents has helped clarify which agricultural practices hold water when it comes to helping soils soak up precipitation—a factor critical to mitigating floods, outlasting drought and stabilizing crop yields.

National Public Radio: Pacific Northwest Tribes Face Climate Change With Agricultural Ancient Practice
By Eilis O’Neill

As climate change causes the oceans to rise, tribal land is disappearing. Now, some tribes are looking at a surprising solution to these problems: clam gardens.

MPR News: In Minnesota, a new push to fight climate change — and make money — from forests
By Dan Kraker

Money may not grow on trees — but the carbon that trees store could be worth millions, as consumers, companies and governments ramp up efforts to fight climate change.

Times Union: Study to assess farm efforts to reduce phosphorus runoff

As Vermont works to reduce algae-causing phosphorus runoff into Lake Champlain as mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, nearly $2 million in federal funding will go toward a study to look at how farm efforts are working to improve water quality.

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