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Conservation Clip List is a weekly collection of articles distributed by NACD that provides our members and partners with the latest news in what's driving conservation. If you have a relevant submission, please contact your NACD Communications Team.

Inspectors find most PA farms, while not all in compliance, are trying via Bay Journal

Pennsylvania farmers are finding themselves under increased scrutiny as the state and many county conservation districts have ramped up their efforts to check whether farms have required manure management and sediment control plans.

Ag funding pulls through via Williston Herald

A federal spending bill for the remainder of 2017 is in, and it is without virtually any of the agriculture spending cuts President Donald Trump had envisioned, whether in his request for cuts to discretionary 2017 spending, or his budget proposal for fiscal year 2018.

Farmers Call Mayday: Blizzard Flattens Winter Wheat; Rains Drown Corn, Soybean Fields via DTN/The Progressive Farmer

A wintry storm system dumped up to two feet of snow on parts of the Great Plains, flattening a winter wheat crop that was maturing weeks ahead of normal. Meanwhile in the Midwest and Midsouth, relentless rains swelled rivers and flooded freshly planted corn and soybean fields.

Want Healthier Soil? Link it to Crop Insurance via Civil Eats

Most farmers know that the health of their soil is important, but they don’t all prioritize it over, say, maximizing what they grow each year. Now, some scientists are looking into ways to ensure that more farmers—especially those producing commodity crops in the middle of the country—start taking soil seriously.

Scientists say agriculture is good for honey bees via Phys.org

While recent media reports have condemned a commonly used agricultural pesticide as detrimental to honey bee health, scientists have found that the overall health of honey bee hives actually improves in the presence of agricultural production.

U.S. drought reaches record low as rain reigns via USA Today

Drought in the U.S. fell to a record low this week, with just 6.1% of the lower 48 states currently experiencing such dry conditions. That's the lowest percentage in the 17-year history of the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor report.

Farms' thirst for water roils Wisconsin's central sands via ABC News

As the number of wells grows, Wisconsin finds itself in an unexpected fight. Despite being bordered on three sides by Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and the Mississippi River and cross-hatched with innumerable rivers, streams, and lakes, the state no longer can take water for granted.

US wildfire risk is above average for southwest, Florida via The Seattle Times

Wildfires this summer are expected to be most severe in southwestern U.S. states, Florida, Georgia and in some parts of California and Nevada. Heavy winter snow and spring rains that flooded many Western states will probably delay the onset of this season’s worst wildfires.

Nebraska to Grow 125M Milkweed Stems to Save Butterflies via U.S. News and World Report

The state of Nebraska has made a goal to keep monarch butterflies and other pollinators off the federal endangered species list by planting 125 million milkweed plants by 2020 and providing incentives for farmers to incorporate pollinator habitat into their land.

EPA, Clean Energy Spared Trump's Ax in $1.1 Trillion Budget Deal via Bloomberg

The Environmental Protection Agency, targeted for $247 million in cuts for this year’s funding, instead escaped with a budget trimmed by $81 million -- or 1 percent -- and no staff reductions.

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