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Conservation Clips is a weekly collection of articles distributed by NACD that provides our members and partners with the latest news in what's driving conservation. These articles are not indicative of NACD policy and are the opinions of their authors, unless otherwise noted. If you have a relevant submission or need assistance with accessing articles, please contact the NACD Communications Team.

High Plains Journal: National Conservation Foundation announces leadership institute program

National Conservation Foundation Chairman Steve Robinson announced the opening of the application period for the inaugural cohort of the Next Generation Leadership Institute.

AgriNews: More than 500,000 acres enrolled in water quality program

More than 500,000 acres of Minnesota farmland is now enrolled in the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program.

University Herald: Study Identifies Way to Enhance the Sustainability of Manufactured Soils

A combination of waste materials supplemented with a product of biomass could help in the search for high-quality soils, a new study suggests. Soil degradation is posing a huge threat to global food security and every year, around 12 million hectares of cropland are lost to soil erosion.

The Associated Press: The Forest Service Is About To Change Sage Grouse Protections To Conserve Habitat While Allowing Greater Local Control

Plans for protecting sage grouse in five Western states are being changed in ways that will conserve habitat while allowing ranchers to maintain their livelihoods, federal officials said Thursday.

AgriNews: NRCS conservation easements available for flood-prone Illinois lands

In response to recent flooding impacting many parts of the nation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service announced that $217.5 million is available to dedicate to funding conservation easements on certain lands damaged by flooding and other natural disasters.

USA Today: Fireflies are dying out because people are destroying their habitats
By Dan Radel

Researchers and advocates say the insect is on the decline as more and more of its habitats are consumed by development, leaving it fewer marshes and meadows to illuminate.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: In a terrible summer, another fear stalks Minnesota's corn farmers: an early frost
By Adam Belz

Rain in May and June kept farmers out of fields far longer than usual, forcing some to leave fields unplanted. Much of the corn that was planted is now behind schedule, stoking fears an early frost could devastate the crop.

Eurek Alert: When invasive plants take root, native animals pay the price

Virginia Tech researchers have discovered that when invasive plants take root, native animals pay the price.

Science Daily: Cover crops, compost and carbon

Soil organic matter has long been known to benefit farmers. The carbon in this organic matter acts as a food source for soil microbes, which then provide other nutrients to the crops grown. Microbes, insects and small soil critters produce materials that can improve soil structure and water retention. It's a healthy ecosystem every farmer wants to encourage.

E&E News: Report warns of looming U.S. 'conservation crisis'
By Jennifer Yachnin

(Subscriber Only) The nation could see the loss of natural areas equivalent to the size of South Dakota by 2050 unless policymakers address a looming "conservation crisis," according to a report released today by the Center for American Progress.

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